Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Fairy Friends

Hello fellow fairy friends!
So sorry not to have written for a bit but things have been settling here! 

The Tethered Fairy Ring & I packed up and moved to South Wales so that we could go to University in Cardiff. 

My intention is to develop The Tethered Fairy Ring within my MA Drama specifically looking at how to offer depth within my storytelling, rather than linear experiences. 

I also want to build an interactive experience for the audience so that they are transported into the story. 

So, I have put my Fairy Ring to sleep for a bit and am working on my first adult story called 'Mother Moon' and this will be the basis of my first assessment in January. 

If I use The Fairy Ring for the first assessment then I am not able to use it again and I want it to be the all singing, all dancing finalé to my MA in August/September.

For details of how the development of 'Mother Moon' is going, you can pop over to

Meanwhile, my set has become my furniture in my new pad!

Saturday, 12 October 2013


foto: Shootz by Maria


Can't wait to toddle off to 
The National Botanic Garden of Wales tomorrow, 13th October
 to tell my new story 
The Tethered Fairy Ring 
and perform my ... 

Symphonic Poem & Ukulele Overture 
for the Light Hearted

I'll be in The Great Glasshouse 
at 1.45pm 
with my beautiful hand crafted story telling quilt

Sunday, 6 October 2013



Yes, that's right! Anyone dressed as a fairy or an elf will get into the National Botanic Garden of Wales for FREE on Sunday 13th October when I will be launching The Tethered Fairy Ring as she leaves port to sail off into her exciting journey ... 

Tips from my friends: 
for those of you who do not usually dress as a fairy!

Sharron Jones: Textile Designer & Artist

All you need is to think like a fairy ...

Love like a fairy

Fly like a fairy

Amanda Rackstraw: Storyteller & Writer

And get your beautiful self over to 

The Great Glasshouse 
at 1.45pm 
on Sunday 13th October!

Fiona Winter: Director of Energy Moves

See you there my lovelies!

Fairy buttons!

Really excited! 
I have just ordered some wonderful 
fairy button badges ... 

... hope they will be ready for my story launch by next weekend ...

13th October at The Great Glasshouse
National Botanic Garden of Wales
for National Fungus Day

I'll be performing at 1.45pm 
but there's loads of things to do all day all related to fairy rings and fungus! Organised by our 
wonderful Waxcap Wizard Bruce Langridge.

But if my fairy badges are not ready, that's fine! What I have to remember is that this celebration launches the story on it's journey, it is not the final destination, rather t'is the start of the beginning ...

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Purple Alchemist

 Sharron Jones is an artist & designer and her specialist skills in textiles were absolute fairy magic for the Quilt-a-thon. Can you imagine designing a logo on the computer and then watching as someone creates that flat image into the most delicious and tactile piece of artwork! I was blown away!

All of these foto's were taken by Sharron as she sprinkled her magic ... 

This is how she started out ...

Then Sharron Jones started working her fairy magic

Sharron has a Group Page on facebook called 
The Purple Alchemist

Making the logo toadstools ...

And then bringing her special magic to the centre piece of the quilt
My Fairy!

 Thanks a million squillion Sharron!

Me & Sharron in The Great Glasshouse
Foto kindly by Maria Davies
Shootz by Maria