Saturday, 29 August 2015

Tethered Fairy Ring invited to The Ukulele Festival of Wales

What fairies like the most is singing and dancing humming and strumming, giggling and having quite a bit of fun. That's why the ukulele is such a handy little thing to have at your fairy fingertips.

Me and my L'il Ol' ukulele are very excited indeed to have been invited by the organiser of the :-

 Ukulele Festival of Wales 
at Gower Heritage Centre 

... to perform 
The Tethered Fairy Ring 
a Symphonic Poem for Ukulele 

June 25th & 26th 2016

I know it seems like a long way off 
but tickets are selling like fairy cakes! 

So if you'd like to come 
To hum &strum 
Get tickets now
 To join the fun!

Thank you to the lovely  Richi Thomas 
for waving his magic wand and making it so!

Pimp my Fairy Ring


Ukuleles are very nifty little instruments especially for fairies with little fingers.

 I know this for sure because, as you know  
I have composed The Tethered Fairy Ring as a poem for the  little strum-tastic with 4 strings. 

So, you can imagine, I was chuffed as fairy cakes when Robert Vi from Men's Sheds sprinkled some of his magic dust on me and gave me my very own ukulele kit to decorate 
so that I could join in with


Now then, I don't want to show off, but I just have to show you what happened when I put on my fairy fingered thinking cap and started paper maché-ing my ukulele kit. It took me a very long time of concentrating very hard to make it ...

T'is rather lovely isn't it.
The music is from the notation that the very lovely Susan Berry did for me.

Me and Susan are winging it over to Lower Normandy in France next week to play the piece and celebrate the publishing of 50 limited edition copies of the sheet music.

The world is full of fairy folk, you know.

Monday, 17 August 2015

A Fairy List for France

Once the human had pootled off in her car, the house was completely empty, safe enough for the little fairies to scurry around looking for a pen and paper. After all, even fairies need a pen and paper if they are to write a good long list and for sure, they would need a good long list if they were to take enough things & wings with them for a whole month in the sun.

'I can't find my sunglasses,' the little one giggled with glee, 't'will still be warm in France, even in September. Let's borrow hers'. She'll never notice'

Yes, my fairy friends, t'is the hand of good fortune and no doubt a fair sprinkling of fairy magic, that I find myself contemplating my own list for France. 

When I went out earlier this year, I stayed at an orchard of gites owned by an Artist. When I said that I would like to return for a longer length of time, she asked, 

'Do you do chanting?

And as luck would have it, chanting is precisely what I do, as I have been working on a collection of Mantra through Music and Mindfulness as part of my qualifying as a Sound Therapist this year.

So, I will be staying at the little gite, in the pear orchard, with the french doors overlooking the trees and pansies growing with glee in the brimming window box outside my window, for a whole month!

I can write and play and compose and 'be'
And just think of all that lovely french cake ...

Music, Mindfulness, Orchard & Cake
Who could want for more ...


But then I remembered the little fairies who dance inside The Tethered Fairy Ring longing for the sound of ukulele strings and humming humans. 

and whilst sat next to Susan Berry as she notated my Symphonic Poem,  I wondered about the church in the village near the orchard in Lower Normandy and the wonderful acoustics in there and how  I had imagined Susan and I filling that little space with my ukulele and her harp.

And then my mind shifted and I visualised Susan and I out on the lawn between the pear trees ...

So, Susan is coming to France too!
And her Welsh Harp ...
Oh, and her husband and her son. 

They will stay in the gite next to mine for a week whilst I will be there for a month. 

We are performing The Tethered Fairy Ring in the beautiful little church with the fabulous acoustics, in the village and will no doubt be playing together in the sunshine on the lawn.

Aren't fairies clever little things making all this happen just because they know the sun in France still shines in September. Now then, has anyone seen my sunglasses, I know I put them down somewhere?

Monday, 12 January 2015

Fairy Timing

I will be flying over the mountain and through Brechfa forest tomorrow to Susan's house, where will be working on a few 'timing issues' with the notated composition of The Tethered Fairy Ring: A Symphonic Poem. 

Thing is, fairies love numbers so much, that just counting to four all the time seems a bit boring, so they have thrown in the odd extra beat here and there. (wink) 

... And who can blame them with their light footsteps and silk-soft wings, for dancing over the harp strings in quick step

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Fairy Dust & Wishes: Sheet Music Design Ideas

The design for the front cover of my sheet music for The Tethered Fairy Ring will be based on 'The Daffodil Fairy'. This little book was read to me by my Mother when I was small, filled with flower fairies and rhyming couplets, it captured my imagination. Particularly the Daffodil Fairy, as the National flower of Wales and being that the story is based on the West Wales Coastlin, it seems very apt indeed.

But the colour will be faded/aged and look very old as if it were printed in 1965 the year I was born.
A bit like this version of 'In the Bleak Mid- Winter'

Being as I am Fifty years old next year in July, I will also release 50 vinyl singles of the Ukulele Overture itself. 

When I was small it was my dream to make a record and when I prayed to teh fairies to make it so, I did not have MP3's or CD's in my head, how could I? NO, I had little black 45'' singles in my mind's eye.

Now I can be my own fairy, making my childhood dreams come true in my Fiftieth year, so as to make room for a new set of  dreams for the next 50 years!

Hello There Fairy Folk

It's been a long time since my fairy self has been allowed to come out to play. She never really went away but going to University to do an MA Drama took me on a whole different journey to the one I had expected and I needed all my fairy magic to get through it.

...  but now that I have finished the MA Drama (got a Distinction btw) I can get back onto my fairy swing.

 My lovely friend and fabulous musician chum Susan Berry convinced me that 'The Tethered Fairy Ring: A Symphonic Poem for Ukulele' should be transcribed and notated for future generations and very kindly offered to use her immense fairy godmother skills to make it so.

I went to her beautiful farmhouse and we recorded the piece with me playing it on ukulele ...

...  so that she can wave her magic (Mac) wand and produce an array of black dots that will dance across the page for all to see and hear if they so wish.

And I will have the wondrous dots published into 50 rather beautifully wrapped Fairy Transcripts for distribution at the Launch being performed as part of Disability Arts Cymru's Wine & Cheese Fundraiser in Cardiff  on 21st March 2015.

After all, as we all know, fairies love to play harp.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Fairy Friends

Hello fellow fairy friends!
So sorry not to have written for a bit but things have been settling here! 

The Tethered Fairy Ring & I packed up and moved to South Wales so that we could go to University in Cardiff. 

My intention is to develop The Tethered Fairy Ring within my MA Drama specifically looking at how to offer depth within my storytelling, rather than linear experiences. 

I also want to build an interactive experience for the audience so that they are transported into the story. 

So, I have put my Fairy Ring to sleep for a bit and am working on my first adult story called 'Mother Moon' and this will be the basis of my first assessment in January. 

If I use The Fairy Ring for the first assessment then I am not able to use it again and I want it to be the all singing, all dancing finalé to my MA in August/September.

For details of how the development of 'Mother Moon' is going, you can pop over to

Meanwhile, my set has become my furniture in my new pad!